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Hi Folks, my web page start here. Just under my photo made on a heavy job day. I live in Cosenza a city of Calabria, a land kissed by the sun and embraced by the sea. In south of Italy, where the boot "Lo Stivale" is staying in front of Sicily. I'm happy because God was generous with us when He made the Calabria. The sea is far only 30 Km (19 miles) from the city and the mytic mountains of Sila tableland, of Sila reaching up to 2000 mt are at 31 Km (20 Miles) far from the city too. Watersea in summer, whitesnow in winter (and mushrooms in june-september).In the middle just the work.


Catholic, born from sicilian parents, i'm the second of five sons. Married with Giovanna, we have two children, Martina and Sara.
Lay member of Ordine dei Minimi of S.Francesco di Paola, in the TOM (Terzo Ordine dei Minimi - Third Order Minims).


I like my job. From 1980 always in computer field. I started in '80 playng (and selling like Apple official dealer, developing and writing basic software, and officially supporting) with an APPLE ][ , after, from '81 to '85, always Apple: ///, Lisa and Mac (i sold 4 Lisa in my little town!!! oooooh Clascal, LisaCalc, LisaWrite and so......). I'm working on UNIX from '86, doing the first big european network of 40 Sun workstation on 3 subnet at C.R.A.I.(Consortium of Research in Informatic Applications) rounding files over NFS, on Internet from '87, packing TCP/IP in x25 in '88, surfing by nets via cable and via satellite from '89, making a 3 km FDDI net on optical fyber at University of Calabria in 90, changing from uucp to IGRP the transpoort of IP packets in 91 year when i was in USA for the Interop (in San Jose) and see San Francisco and know the Steve Jobs's '91 car (i admire Steve from the '80) when him leave Sculley (the coke man) that lead Apple in misfortune. But Steve (his home in 91) in that black period, made Next where born the roots of the actual bigger MacOS an Unix based strong operative system.

Writing webs from 94, making the first regional wide network in Calabria in 95 that links the four big cityes of the region between theirselves over leased lines through Cisco's routers. (Probably i shall write my web curriculum) In 96 i was at Diemme Editori an Electronic Publisher that is also the Internet provider for the City and the Province of Cosenza, Catanzaro, Reggio Calabria, Crotone.
In 97 became consultant of the Mayor of the City of Cosenza where i made the Internet site, start the Municipality Internet provider, and start the local city network based on TCP/IP overcrossing fybers and radio trasmissions. In 2002 i start a new project at CIES (Consorzio Ingegneria Economia e Sociale) about wireless networks and co. I also become journalist and left the Municipalty of Cosenza for a my own project about a newspaper online: NuovaCosenza.com.

From the 2006 i'm a television journalist (here some mine videos) with the regional video network: TEN Teleuropa Network, and continuos informatic and network consulting .

from 2011 to 2019 was responsable and manage WebTV of municipality of Cosenza http://webtv.comune.cosenza.it

in 2020/2021 was in Press Office of Regione Calabria

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* (sorry Al but some links in the time was expired)

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The Christus Rex Server - The better catalog of churches and catholic arts in the world.

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FERRARI (...a universal word...)

Best of the Web An international discussion list of World BestWebbers.

On my skin there is something of Red&Blue. Yeap! Its only my soccer team.

An example of tele-learnig in Cubo20 Department of Communication in University of Calabria.

Calabresi in the world Look for your relatives in Calabria or in Italy.

A better multimedia example by the Web Page of Lou Tomaino.

The first regional electronic Internet magazine: GO!ONLINE

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A gatta pressarula, ha fattu i figli cicati (Hurried female cat made blind child).

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